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Ground Penetrating Radar - GPR

Quality Level B

Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR is a device that sends pulses of energy in to the ground to see the differences in the composition of the ground under the antenna. The data that is collected by the device is displayed graphically and is then interpreted by the Technician to identify many different features underground whilst maintaining a NON-Evasive approach. One of the biggest advantages that GPR offers is the ability to not only identify Metallic targets but the Non-Metallic Targets as well.

Ground Penetrating Radar Ground Penetrating Radar

Some of the Underground Features include;

• Utility's

- Power conduits

- Water Pipes

- PVC, Clay, Asbestos, FRC Pipes

- Gas Lines

- Unknown services (NOT Shown on plans, or disused Utility’s)

- Many more

• Viods in the ground, roadway and Concrete

• Underground Structures

- Buried Water and Fuel Tanks

- Buried Manhole’s

- Burial sites

- Excavated Trenches

- Bores

Service Locating Sonde and Roding GPR Slab Scan Potholing

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