Ground Penetrating Radar

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Vacuuming- Joint Effort

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Two Different CCTV Camera Setups

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CCTV, Vacumm and Jetting

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CCTV, Jetting and Vac

Some of the Vehicles in Our Fleet

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Preparing the Calibration Hose

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Cali Hose

Rolling the resin Through Lining

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Rolling Resin Out

Air is Monitored While Filling Lining

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Calibration Hose Remain Full Till Cured

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Robotic Grinder and Cutter

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Smart Lock Installation

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Smart Lock

About Us

Our History

During the 1950’s – 1980’s the Industry moved from the ‘pick & shovel’ attitude of Civil & Maintenance, to the trial/preliminary attempts of repairs and relining using trial products. Dick Pickup was partly responsible, along with the assistance of overseas Companies, for the implementation of strategies to develop new maintenance concepts over a 33 year career within Sydney Water.

Alan Pickup, together with Dick, formed the next generation and proceeded to develop industry firsts including, Smoke Testing, Vacuum Testing of Manholes, Low Pressure Air Testing, and Ovality Testing. This lead to Sydney Water’s Endorsement of Source Detection Activities which then expanded into the Certification for training within this Industry for activities such as CCTV Inspection and Field Testing of Assets.

By the late 1990’s, Robotic Maintenance Activities enhanced the Australian Industry, providing a method of repair more suited to a wet working environment.

In 2006 our robotic epoxy machine was developed, capable of internally cutting, scraping and resealing all concrete conduits for roads, developments and subdivisions at a competitive costing to traditional Civil Remediation.

During our more recent years, All About Pipes have branched into Underground Asset Location and Traffic Management. Providing us with the ability to complete entire projects for designing, planning, and implementation on behalf of many large scale Clients including the Department of Defence (various Military establishments as well as ASIO and the Afghanistan War Communications), BHP Billiton Mining, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, NSW Department of Housing and Water & Dam Infrastructure Authorities.

Three generations on, All About Pipes continues to offer a comprehensive range of all underground activities with a recognised reputation for success.

Our Vision

To be a world leader in the underground and pipeline industries, with a strong reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. Provide positive and challenging environment for all employees where success is rewarded and encouraged.

Our Commitment

At All About Pipes we are committed to provide our range of products and services to exceed our customer requirements. Since inception, we have always been innovative in combining the latest investigation techniques with the most up to date equipment to achieve the best quality result.

We believe in the principle that QUALITY is the basic responsibility of every employee and a rightful expectation of our Customers. We are devoted to undertaking planned and professional measures to improve the delivery of products and services through continually improving our quality management system.

The management of All About Pipes is dedicated to the continuous growth and advancement of the Company. This is maintained by ensuring that all employees are knowledgeable in their chosen field and are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional and reliable service.

Management ensures, through ongoing contact and performance reviews, that our services and employees are meeting the needs of the clients and fully understand the requirements of the quality management system.

All About Pipes are proud of our ongoing commitment to Workplace Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance above and beyond our requirements in the current Regulations and Acts.


• Sydney Water Pre-qualification (Current)

- Source Detection (Smoke Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, A/C Inspection, Jetting, Dye Testing)

- Pipeline Re-lining & Point repairs

- CCTV Inspections & Jetting/Cleaning

- Field Testing (Hydrostatic Testing of water mains, Vacuum testing, Low Pressure Air Testing & Deflection Testing)

• N.A.T.A. -AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 (2000)

• Telstra

• Nulca (Association for Professional Locators)

• All Operators are Telstra Accredited (Copper Cable and Optic Fibre)